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The Lovebird Handbook

Lovebirds are social birds, but it is a myth that they must always be kept in pairs as a tame single bird can make a wonderul companion. Keeping healthy, contented lovebirds require dedicated care. De

ISBN10 : 9780764118272 , ISBN13 : 0764118277

Page Number : 135

The Conure Handbook

Conures, which belong to the parrot family, come in several species, and are available in many sizes and colors. This book advises on selecting, feeding, caging, health care, and understanding the con

ISBN10 : 9780764127830 , ISBN13 : 0764127837

Page Number : 153

The Betta Handbook

Bettas, sometimes known as fighting fish, are tropical Asian varieties having spectacular waving tails and fins. They're available in a wide range of colors. This Pet Handbook gives expert guidance on

ISBN10 : 9780764127281 , ISBN13 : 0764127284

Page Number : 167

The Parrotlet Handbook

(back cover ) The Information You Need to Raise a Healthy and Contented Parrotlet Facts, advice, and fascinating insights tell you all you need to know about Purchase Housing Nutrition Health Care and

ISBN10 : 9780764141898 , ISBN13 : 0764141899

Page Number : 152