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This series presents basic information about the care of specific breeds of dogs--everything from purchasing and breeding the animals to providing nutrition to behavioral training. Individual manuals

ISBN10 : 9780764110467 , ISBN13 : 0764110462

Page Number : 65


(back cover) Information and advice to help you take good care of your Goldendoodle The typical Goldendoodle: origins, physical traits, temperament, and more Expert advice: feeding, health care, train

ISBN10 : 9780764142901 , ISBN13 : 0764142909

Page Number : 95


Small-volume aquariums take up little space and make a rewarding and relaxing project for hobbyists. Geck provides information and advice to help you maintain a thriving nanoaquarium.

ISBN10 : 9780764144288 , ISBN13 : 0764144286

Page Number : 62