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Spider Man

Spider-Man's greatest fashion disaster continues! With his symbiotic black costume safely removed and imprisoned for study, Spidey re-dons the classic red-and-blues to battle fearsome foes including H

ISBN10 : 1302480030 , ISBN13 : 9781302480035

Page Number : 504

Spider Man

Spider-Man's Brand New Day continues, with more all-new adventures. Peter confronts major changes at the Daily Bugle while New York is under siege by a blizzard, and a new villain, Freak, rampages thr

ISBN10 : 0785171010 , ISBN13 : 9780785171010

Page Number : 168

Spider Verse

When the evil Inheritors begin exterminating spider-characters throughout the multiverse, every single Spider-Man ever is needed to save the day! An interdimensional spider-army gathers to fight Morlu

ISBN10 : 9780785190363 , ISBN13 : 0785190368

Page Number : 648

Spider Man

The DB, New York's trashiest tabloid, has just hired the sleaziest, most muckraking, lowlife paparazzi of them all...PETER PARKER?! Say it ain't so, True Believer! Also, J. Jonah Jameson finds inner p

ISBN10 : 0785171029 , ISBN13 : 9780785171027

Page Number : 120