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Pet Show Prize

Jasmine, Summer and Ellie are so excited to meet Pinky the Animal Elf and all her pet friends. But Queen Malice has taken away Summer's talent with animals! When Queen Malice casts a spell to transfor

ISBN10 : 1408332906 , ISBN13 : 9781408332900

Page Number : 128

Sparkle Statue

Queen Malice has decided that Summer, Jasmine and Ellie are the cause of all her problems - so she's stolen their special talents! The only way to get their gifts back is to award four special talent

ISBN10 : 1408332868 , ISBN13 : 9781408332863

Page Number : 128

Diamond Wings

A brand-new adventure awaits Ellie, Summer and Jasmine in the Secret Kingdom! With Queen Malice in charge of the Secret Kingdom, the beautiful winged horses that look after the diamond trees are in tr

ISBN10 : 140832914X , ISBN13 : 9781408329146

Page Number : 128

The Secret Kingdom

Timoken and his sister, Zobayda, under the protection of a forest jinni but pursued by evil virideed, straddle the world of men and the world of enchantments, seeking a home while remaining young by d

ISBN10 : 0439846730 , ISBN13 : 9780439846738

Page Number : 207

Boss Rove

Traces how Karl Rove has risen through the Republican party's ranks and is backing GOP candidates through SuperPACs, examining his controversial actions to speculate on his goals for the party and the

ISBN10 : 1451694938 , ISBN13 : 9781451694932

Page Number : 309