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Odd Animal Helpers

An introduction to the symbiotic relationships between various animals and plants includes profiles of such pairs as the plover bird and crocodile, and explains how one or both creatures benefit from

ISBN10 : 0545331471 , ISBN13 : 9780545331470

Page Number : 32

My Dog Is A Hero

Presents an introduction to helper dogs who are able to save lives and assist during dangerous rescues, offering insight into their special training and describing the variety of tasks they are qualif

ISBN10 : 9780545495950 , ISBN13 : 0545495954

Page Number : 96

Panda Patrol

The heartwarming story of one of the world's surviving pandas at the Wolong Conservancy describes how he is being raised in a natural setting by panda-costumed caregivers who are going to great length

ISBN10 : 9780545434102 , ISBN13 : 0545434106

Page Number : 31

My Dog My Hero

'My Hero' to Be Chosen: Eight finalists will compete tonight for the title My Hero. The winner will wear the coveted gold Hero medal. These brave and courageous dogs will each appear with their nomina

ISBN10 : 1466867051 , ISBN13 : 9781466867055

Page Number : 56