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Mini Goats

You don’t have to find a farm to find a goat these days. Goats have become popular on hobby farms and even in suburban backyards for fleece, for milk, and just as pets. Goats are known for their eas

ISBN10 : 162008211X , ISBN13 : 9781620082119

Page Number : 176

The Backyard Goat

Pulling carts around the farm or serving as loyal pack animals, goats are naturally hardworking and make for friendly companions. This straightforward guide teaches you how to choose, house, feed, tra

ISBN10 : 160342699X , ISBN13 : 9781603426992

Page Number : 224

The Donkey Companion

"Donkeys are wonderfully adept at protecting livestock and pulling loads yet make spirited racing partners and gentle stable companions. Their heart-felt braying, ever-alert ears, and expressive eyes

ISBN10 : 160342038X , ISBN13 : 9781603420389

Page Number : 343