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Afterword by Dr. Herbert A. Hauptman, Nobel LaureateThis delightful book reveals an incredibly interesting history of the development of our knowledge of this ubiquitous number in mathematics. . . . I

ISBN10 : 1615920811 , ISBN13 : 9781615920815

Page Number : 324

Life Of Pi

One boy, one boat, one tiger . . . After the tragic sinking of a cargo ship, a solitary lifeboat remains bobbing on the wild, blue Pacific. The only survivors from the wreck are a sixteen year-old boy

ISBN10 : 1847674216 , ISBN13 : 9781847674210

Page Number : 352

A History Of Pi

The history of pi, says the author, though a small part of the history of mathematics, is nevertheless a mirror of the history of man. Petr Beckmann holds up this mirror, giving the background of the

ISBN10 : 1466887168 , ISBN13 : 9781466887169

Page Number : 208

Pi Unleashed

CD-ROM contains: hfloat; 400,000,000 decimal places of pi; tutorial on the Fast Fourier Transformation; arithmetical algorithms for high precision; codes from the text; additional C-programs.

ISBN10 : 9783540665724 , ISBN13 : 3540665722

Page Number : 270

The Golden Ratio

Throughout history, thinkers from mathematicians to theologians have pondered the mysterious relationship between numbers and the nature of reality. In this fascinating book, Mario Livio tells the tal

ISBN10 : 9780307485526 , ISBN13 : 0307485528

Page Number : 304

Pi Of Life

Is the most important language in the universe also capable of making us happy in simple and profound ways? Can we really weave the foundations of lifelong joy—humility, gratitude, connection, etc.

ISBN10 : 1475833776 , ISBN13 : 9781475833775

Page Number : 174