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Bugs Mazes

Help a multitude of creatures navigate 48 different mazes — among them Cricket, who needs to cross the pond to get to the forest, and Butterfly, who can't find the path to some sweet-smelling flower

ISBN10 : 9780486421735 , ISBN13 : 0486421732

Page Number : 64

On The Go Mazes

Show dune buggy riders the way to the beach. Find a path that will bring a hot air balloon to a safe landing. Help a mail truck get to the post office. Forty-eight full-page mazes filled with amusing

ISBN10 : 0486441032 , ISBN13 : 9780486441030

Page Number : 63

Easy Animal Mazes

Forty-six fun-filled mini mazes let youngsters show a friendly octopus, playful piglet, hungry billy goat, busy beaver, puppy dogs, pandas, and other creatures how to get where they want to go. Entert

ISBN10 : 9780486262826 , ISBN13 : 0486262820

Page Number : 64