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If I Ran The Dog Show

Presents information about man's best friend, from the wide range of canine breeds and the ways their tails help their balance to how they see in the dark and the amazing things that dogs can be train

ISBN10 : 0375866825 , ISBN13 : 9780375866821

Page Number : 48

What Cat Is That?

Traveling aboard his Kitty-Cat-Copter, the Cat takes Sally and Nick to meet lions in Kenya, tigers in Bangkok, Siamese down the blockNlearning along the way those traits that all cats, wild and domest

ISBN10 : 037586640X , ISBN13 : 9780375866401

Page Number : 45

Safari So Good

Visiting Africa with the Cat in the Hat, Nick and Sally meet an amazing variety of animals including giant cats, elephants and giraffes while learning an array of interesting facts. TV tie-in.

ISBN10 : 0375866817 , ISBN13 : 9780375866814

Page Number : 45

I Can Name 50 Trees Today

While stopping to admire some of the world's most amazing trees, the Cat and Co. teach beginning readers how to identify different species, many found in North America, from the shape of their crowns,

ISBN10 : 0375822771 , ISBN13 : 9780375822773

Page Number : 45

What Pet Should I Get?

A #1 New York Times bestseller! This previously never-before-seen picture book by Dr. Seuss about making up one’s mind is the literary equivalent of buried treasure! What happens when a brother and

ISBN10 : 0399552219 , ISBN13 : 9780399552212

Page Number : 48