Giveaway Winner+Update

Congrats to the Winner of my first Giveaway, Shelby Lee!!! Your winnings shall be on the way to you next week! Please enjoy them!

Lately I have been posting a lot of videos to my youtube channel lately. I haven’t been posting them over here. Would you like if I did that? Or strictly keep it to youtube?

I’m also behind on Mani’s of 2016. I haven’t done many since I ran out of base coat and am waiting for a new one.

I plan on doing an Influenster VoxBox post on here this week and hopefully come up with some post ideas! Haven’t been trying new Bath&Body consistently for review.

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My First Ever Giveaway!

You read it right, this is my very first giveaway! All you need to do to enter  go to my Facebook Page, like it and hit the “Giveaway” tab and enter there! It will be up for 2 weeks!

To see what you can win, watch this! :

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First Look: Itty Bitty Bubbles 2016

A video on my First Look at Itty Bitty Bubbles 2016! These products where given to me for review!!

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My Top 5 Indie Products of 2015



Continue reading “My Top 5 Indie Products of 2015”

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Welcome to my new home!

Hello and Happy New Year everyone!

I am SO excited for Sno Cones&Glitter to have it’s new home at a domain! So please change all bookmarks accordingly so you don’t miss a beat! The new addy is : ! With that it also means I changed platforms. I’m using WordPress now instead of Blogger. I’ve transferred all posts but they didn’t carry over pictures or formatting so I will slowly be trying to get that fixed. Plus I want to get more info in the sidebar, like my Bloglovin’ link and FaceBook Like box, I just have to figure it all out first.

I haven’t had time to do a proper update because I have been busy and my mother has a cold so I’ve been taking care of her. Is anyone still interested in my Top 5 Indie Products of 2015? I can most likely do that this weekend. I have recently received some new products I will be testing out for the new year from companies I’ve mentioned before, and new ones! So much to look forward to!

Also I’ve been starting to do more videos on Youtube! So PLEASE go subscribe! It’ll encourage me to keep doing them. Find my channel here!


Psst! One final on the lookout in the near future for my first ever giveaway! So thank you for the love and support through 2015 and hope it is like that in 2016!

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House Of Usher Wax Museum Advent Calendar Days 21-25

It’s here and gone! The last week of The House Of Usher Wax Museum’s Advent Calendar! Sorry I’m late. Night before Christmas Eve I was struck down with a wicked sinus infection I am on thee mend from still! Anyway lets get on with the show. Same as before I will give you scent name, notes, and thoughts!
Day 21: “Nippy”
Scent Notes: Cranberry Ozark Forrest and Madagascar Spice
Thoughts: To me I smelled something like menthol, something that told my nose “Stop Being Stuffy!” It felt like it was really helping my nose and I wish I had more.
Day 22: “Tis The Season To Be Mary”
Scent Notes: Rosemary, mint, spearmint leaves.
Thoughts: I have this melting right now and it’s helping my nose as well! Strong and powerful and fills the whole upstairs of my row home.
Day 23: “Majestic Landscape
Scent Notes: Snowy covered Canadian Pine, vetiver, spiced bay, leather nuances, woody/musky base of cedar, sandalwood, Canadian Spruce, Douglous Fir Needle, cypress,balsam pine and woody orris.
Thoughts: Like the tree lit up on Christmas morning! Warm and cozy.
Day 24: “Nuthouse”
Scent Notes: Banana Nut Bread
Thoughts: I smell a sweet sweet nuttiness! The banana is a backdrop note to me. Might come out more when melted. But on cold sniff it’s a winner.
Day 25: “Aunt Bethany’s Jello Mold”
Scent Notes: Lime Jello, Whipped Cream, graham cracker crumbles.
Thoughts: You can smell the sweet jello like you just opened a packet. Very very sweet candy like scent.
This week is 4/5 I’ll be using! It’s been so much fun going through with all of you on this Advent Calendar adventure! Hopefully we will get to do it all again next year!
Right now check out House Of Usher Wax Museum for a collab box she is doing with Potion Dust! There are other sales happening as well!
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House Of Usher Wax Museum Advent Calendar Days 16-20

Welcome to the 4th week of Thee House of Usher Wax Museum Advent Calendar review/thoughts/whatever you’d like to call it! Same as before, I will name each scent, the notes and my thoughts!
Day 16: “Who-Feast”
Notes: Butter, bacon, cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, maple syrup, pie crust, vanilla sugar.
Thoughts:  Yet another smorgasbord of smells! I can’t really pick up the individual scents with my nose but it comes together just smelling plain delicious. It’s a hit in this house! Used in my mothers warmer downstairs the scent was so strong you could smell it from upstairs during the first two days of melting.
Day 17: “Kiss My Foot”
Notes: apples, pears, cinnamon, garland, vanilla, and pine.
Thoughts: Cinnamon is a very strong note to me in this blend. I do get the undertones of apple but not much of anything else in my opinion. It just may be that because I don’t like cinnamon and my nose is very sensitive toward it.
Day 18: “Baguettes”
Notes: Hot bread from the oven.
Thoughts: exactly as the notes say. I don’t know how it is possible to relay fresh from the oven into a wax, but damn, she’s done it.
Day 19: “Jelly Club”
Notes: blackberry jam, cake and coffee.
Thoughts: Jam is the most prominent note but I do smell the backdrop of coffee which I am not a huge fan of but I know others most likely will love.
Day 20: “Can I refill your eggnog for you?”
Notes: Eggnog, vanilla, nutmeg, and cake.
Thoughts: I hate eggnog but this doesn’t smell like it to me. I smell more of the vanilla which makes me feel nice and cozy! I will use this in the future!
So here we go again 3/5! I am currently melting “Toasted Grinch” from last week and as I mentioned “Who-Feast” is downstairs. I do plan on saving “Baguettes” and “Can I refill your Eggnog?” for future use! My sinuses are relentless so I might have to go a few days without melting in my room or choose a simple scent.
Who is ready for the LAST WEEK?!?! I know I am!


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My Top Youtubers of 2015

It only made sense to do a video on my fave youtubers of the year than a blog post!
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The Christmas Tag 2015

Ugh it took me SO many times to do this. I know I am out of frame but I don’t care cause it took me so long!
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