Louis Owens University of Oklahoma Press

In the Cascade Range of northwest Washington, Tom Joseph, a young Indian who had gone south to attend college, returns for his uncle's funeral and finds himself caught up in the old man’s fight to s

ISBN10 : 9780806127378 , ISBN13 : 0806127376

Page Number : 249

A Wolf Song

Lisa Osina BalboaPress

A Wolf Song is a healing story about a multidimensional, dual-life journey of tragedy, gratitude and forgiveness. Its key characters—Hanna and Margaret; their “spirit” wolves, Nano and Nala; fam

ISBN10 : 1452585911 , ISBN13 : 9781452585918

Page Number : 214

Wolf Song A Love Story

Paulle Clark Dog Ear Publishing

WOLF SONG is a tribute to four remarkable animals who graced my life during my 'old age'. For me it is a tale of survival and enlightenment, and for the wild creatures I chose to share my life in Taos

ISBN10 : 1598585029 , ISBN13 : 9781598585025

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Catherine Feher-Elston Tarcher

"For many, wolf is a great teacher - the very spirit of strength and endurance. For others he inspires deep-seated anxieties, fears that have resulted in a campaign of extermination so long-lived that

ISBN10 : 9781585423583 , ISBN13 : 1585423580

Page Number : 202

Wolf Song

Brick Marlin Line By Lion Publications

Because of my actions, I am surrounded by bars. I can hear the other prisoners talk in the distance. Honestly, I couldn't care less what they are saying. In here, I try to evade any contact with anyon

ISBN10 : 9781940938653 , ISBN13 : 1940938651

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Wolf S Song

K.J. Olson America Star Books

The Warrior Song of a Golden One has not been heard in Kaenolir for over four hundred years. During that time, the people have known peace and prosperity. But war threatens. Beyond the northern sea, H

ISBN10 : 163382876X , ISBN13 : 9781633828766

Page Number : 338

The Wolf Song

MR Bruce Griffin

Aria hasn't had the easiest life but she knows it could have been worse. She's got the most supportive best friend, a growing podcast, and has just landed an interview with the successful, gorgeous CE

ISBN10 : 9781543133677 , ISBN13 : 1543133673

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Night Wolf S Song

E. Floyd Phelps AuthorHouse

This book contains the poet's award winning poems, and his exceptional creativity in the world of poetry. Acrostic poems with lyrical insight are quite applausable. Poems about love, greed, hope, cour

ISBN10 : 1434372499 , ISBN13 : 9781434372499

Page Number : 296